ALUMINIUM, AN OPPORTUNITY BY DESIGN We design and manufacture architectural décor products made in aluminium View Products PASSION & TECHNOLOGY Inspirations are shaped to life, our unique manufacturing process ensures that the nuances of artistic details are cast into magnificent objects and artefacts DESIGN TO FINISH Design is a journey from idea to execution. It is the coming together of many ideas that inspire a product Know More

We are a leading Architectural Design & Manufacturing Firm

We design and manufacture architectural decor products made in cast aluminium that elevate the sophistication and elegance of any interior or exterior space of a building. Our product line includes aluminium facades, decorative architectural screens/panels, dividers/partitions, and perforated panels.

Backed by an aluminium foundry and equipped with an in-house design studio, we are involved in every step of the genesis of a product from inception to installation. Our clientele includes architects, urban planners, commercial builders, contractors and residence/commercial property owners.


Why Choose Artzinium ?


Aluminium Casting

Our products are made with Aluminium Casting which ensure flexibility, strength, reduced wastage and seamless finishing of products

Modular designs

The design modularity aspect of our products enables continuous improvement and innovation of designs and sustainability of products


Our products can be recycled over and over again owing to the flexible and versatile nature of Aluminium


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